The Distance Learning Program

An Overview

Hello and Welcome to "The Path to Excellence." This site's goal is to be a resource for the pursuit of EXCELLENCE in everything. Because of the Martial Arts focus of those contributing to this site, much of the information is to become EXCELLENT in self-defense and this then becomes a foundation where excellence in EVERYTHING can be nurtured.

To sign up for this continually growing resource contact me:

Skip Hancock

Box 1278
Veradale, WA 99037

The Growing Library

We are dedicated to posting at least 3 classes a week. To date, our library consists of:

1402 videos

Click Here to see a list of the videos that are available to our members.


Distance Learning Program

Weekly Live Classes with Skip Hancock Viewable online:

Black Belt - Tuesdays 9:45am PST 

General - Wednesdays 7:00pm PST

Espanol - Thursdays 10:00am PST

Cycle Stories – Thursdays 7:00pm PST


Additional Class Times and Instruction are available.

Every Class is archived and accessible for viewing 24 hours following its live broadcast.

Other previously recorded content is constantly being added to the archive library.


The Cost

Individual Account – 

Individual participating in live events and accessing archived content.


Broadband Internet access (Recommended 1Mb+), Web Camera (Optional).



School Account – 

Group of individuals at one location participating in live events, and Individual access to archived content.


Broadband Internet access (Recommended 300Kb+), Web Camera (Optional), Large Display (Projector/or 40”+), Group Authorized Facilitator.

No group limitation $100/mo minimum