Tournament Freestyle

Was told this Saterday at a tournament that there is no way to accurately judge excessive force. Was also told that if you ask a Black Belt to be a guest judge that you can not expect him to enforce the rules. That if the participents do not read the rules you can not make them follow them. That due to time contstraints you can not announce the rules to each group. Really??????
Here is the kicker, I was then asked to help create a set of rules that we would all follow!?!?! My responce was that he already had written rules posted on his web site that were very thorough and those were not being enforced. They list required gear, targets, out of bounds, acceptable force, arbitration, etc., etc.. I also explained that ALL of my students knew the rules. We go through the rules of each hosting school before the tournament and based on that decide if that is right for us. His responce, "Nobody else does".
This ended with my explaining that if we were the only school that wanted to participate by the rules then we were the exception and it was not a good fit for my students, we would not be returning.

I am at a loss,what do you do?